Personalized nutrition, made practical.


What we do

FIG connects individuals with online dietitians to inspire, design and deliver innovative nutrition routines that support personal goals and create healthier communities.

Upon signing up for FIG’s service, users will be instantly connected to a dietitian who will help them create a meal plan that supports the goals for their health and body. With ingredients delivered straight to their doors, users can log these personalized meals, and track the progress of their health and body goals through an intuitive, intelligent and easy to use FIG mobile app.

Personalization, calculation, effectiveness and deliciousness: this is doing nutrition the FIG way.


Our mission is to create a confident and proactive community by transforming an elitist industry into an accessible resource for the masses.

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Our team

Meet the co-founders of FIG! Our diverse skill-set, balanced with our united & shared vision creates a synergy that is collaborative, diligent and audacious. Get to know us below!


Tanner Van Dera

Tanner Van Dera is our creative lead on the team. With FIG, Tanner in responsible for handling UI/UX, marketing, branding, and creative direction.

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Amin Zarandi

Amin Zarandi is FIG’s head engineer and systematic brain. Amin’s primary role in FIG falls within engineering, application development and analytics.

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Pavan Marisetti

Pavan Marisetti is both our business and entrepreneurial lead. Pavan handles FIG’s business, economics, and helps lead the FIG team.

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We call it meal-kit delivery, that is augmented by professionals and cutting-edge technology.

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